What to do with that old Laptop

Don’t get rid of that old laptop just yet. With a few minor upgrades such as; adding more memory, adding a larger hard drive and in some cases loading a new operating system, you can breathe life into your old laptop computer easily. Begin by improving it’s physical appearance by replacing worn-out out plastic parts such as; the palm-rest, keyboard, buttons or covers. Most parts can be found online and can make all the difference. Call the spare parts department for the manufacturer, they may have the parts in-stock and for a reasonable price too.

Consider it a weekend project! When you’re done your newly “refurbished” laptop can serve many purposes. Here are some examples;

  • Guest PC –  for surfing the web or checking email when friends or family come to visit
  • Storage – use it’s newly upgraded hard drive to store photo’s, documents etc.
  • Linux – load a free Linux operating system such as Ubuntu, as an alternative to Windows
  • Print Server – share printers, and print via your wireless network

This older laptop, in some cases could even have more processing power than some “netbook” PCs (only without the size)


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