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Windows 7

There has been a lot of talk and speculation lately about “Windows 7” which is the next major version of the Windows Client Operating System. Windows 7 will be unveiled to the world on October 7 at the PDC2008 (Professional Developers Conference) and attendees will receive what is called a pre-beta release of the operating system. We can expect to see much more info and feedback after that day.

Here you can find a very good Windows 7 FAQ available on

Here’s what could be Windows 7 screenshots. You decide.


Android G1

See the Crave review Here

What is Android?

Official Site:

Dell Event “The Future of Computing” in Tampa

The Future of Computing Dell Event will take place in Tampa, FL on October 30, 2008. The event opens at 8am and comes to a close at 4pm with prize drawings. See you there!

Harborview Convention Center
300 Cleveland Street
Clearwater, FL 33755

Register here:

The Voodoo Envy 133

(Photo Credit: Hewlett-Packard)

This sleek looking 13.3″ laptop is said to be “a masterpiece of industrial design and engineering”. I tend to agree. What i really admire are the straight lines and sharp edges on this system. The casing is made from Carbon Fiber, and can be customized with numerous “Voodoo Allure” paint finishes such as; Powder Pink, Moroccan Blue,  Kama Gold, Poison Purple and Classic Red to name a few – most of which will cost an additional $600 (the price of descent budget laptop). If you can’t afford the fancy finish, the default Black Weave is included at no extra charge. This system weighs only 3.43 lbs and measures .70″ thin, 9.04″ deep and 12.65″ wide.

Prices start at 2, 099 up to an unbelievable $3,399.

Visit Voodoo’s site for more details or Crave

YouTube Video of Latitude E4200 vs Macbook Air

Lenovo announces X200s and X200t notebooks

See the Arstechnica article here:


Also see NotebookReview’s article HERE

No Google for a week

Thinking can i do without Google and it’s services for a week. No Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Docs, Picasa, Chrome etc etc… ?

Can you?

Microsoft’s latest ad

Just had a look at Microsoft’s latest Ad “New Family”, and i must say it’s much better than the last one. It seems like these series of ads are building up to a main point, which is most certainly going to be Vista related. The first ad “Shoe Circus” was a bit confusing when seen for the first time. Put it this way, you have to read between the lines to get it.