Casio PV-S400 Plus Tips and Tricks Manual (Warning! very old stuff)

Six years ago when “palm-pilots” were in, i purchased a Casio touch screen device called the PV-S400 Plus for about $40 which had an impressive 20 Mhz CPU and 4MB of Flash Memory for a low cost device at that time. Anyway, i came across a few manuals which i had written for the device and thought i would post it here for all to see. I called it the Advanced Features Manuals or AFM for short. It contained general information on how to use the device and some extras. Now, i realize there may not even be anyone out there still using this device, but i’m hopeful that by posting the manuals here it can at least help one person out. If these manuals prove to be useful to you, i’d like to hear about it. Please post your comments below.


Download files here:






29 responses

  1. I have a pv-s400 plus with all my contact info in it. I would like to use it with my new computer which has vista and windows mail. Will the older casio pv-s400 work with the windows mail?

  2. I’m not certain, but what kind of sync software did the PV use? Will it allow you to export?

  3. I just ran across my PV-400 plus in the bottom of a drawer, changed the batteries & PRESTO!
    Now all I have to do is remember how to use it since I have no idea where the user manual is.

  4. you’re probably not the only one with a PV sitting in the bottom of a drawer. Good to hold on to

  5. Great deviced, have been using mine for years.
    Have a problem…went in to delete a name or two and ended up deleteing my whole address book of 8 years…ugh!!! Need help to see if I can retrive from the hard drive or something, who to take it to etc. Do not want to start adding all back in by hand and don’t even have some of the info. Appreciate if someone could assist and point me in the right direction to go….thanks!

  6. Hi Wayne-

    Thanks very much for putting this information
    together. Extremely useful. ‘Appreciate your


  7. Not a problem…i’m glad it was useful to you


  8. I thought I had all the info and software for the PV-S400Plus. Still more is to be found!

    If anyone has a new site that also has resources, let us all know.

    I would like to buy a backup for mine. Anybody have one for sale?

  9. Wow! Wikipedia has a listing:


  10. I lost my cradle:-(
    Does anyone have one for sale or a means of getting the info off of the unit?
    Do you know if its possible to sync up with Windows XP?

    Thanks for your work on the manuals.

  11. Finding a replacement cradle may be a bit difficult. If i happen to come across one, i’ll be sure to let you know. If anyone knows any other way of syncing up with XP…please share…


  12. Wow, and it’s a PV-S1600, never heard of that one before!

  13. Sydney Pereira

    Thanks for the great info. I will be able to use my PC again.

  14. I just found my PV-s400 in bottom of storage box. I cannot locate the manual nor any driver software. I went to casio and they don’t even list the model#. Can you help me?

  15. I also stumbled across my PV-S400 Plus. Still works great. As it turns out, this was my second Casio and I have two cradles which I would be willing to part with. I also have the original PC Sync CD but I do not know if it works with XP.

  16. I have the casio pv s400 plus and have lost the manual, would like to know where I can download a copy of one. Also, I would like to hook it up to my pc, but am not able to because of the connection on the cradle, I do not have that connection on my pc. any suggestions on what I could get or do so I may use it on the pc. Thanks, any information would be great.


  17. opps forgot to leave my email. it’s

    Thanks again

  18. I have a PV-s600 plus, i am looking for the pinout details of the connector located underneath it, used for connecting to the cradle. Can anyone tell me where can i get a cradle these days?. Thankx in advance

  19. My (Un-updatable) sharp got flooded in Bismark and there went the screen and thus my addresses. I M/C all over the US a lot and need a PDA for visits, so ended up with a PV400plus in Mar. 2010. Purchased under the assumption I could save the address on a computer, per the ad. I have the cradle but it is not adaptable to a newer HP. I also have Vista (YUK) so am not sure what the end results would be after connection. I see other postings about this problem but no solution(s). I have the manual but it is not very descriptive. For example can you use a USB connection to the 400? Can anyone help? Thanks.

  20. I am looking for a driver for my Casio PV-S400 Plus driver. I currently have one for a
    Casio PV-S400 (not the Plus version).

    If you have time & can locate a free link/download, I’d appreciate it.

  21. Darrell K. Walker


    I have cradles and installation disks for PV-S450/400Plus (says on back) &
    I think the PV-S600Plus is fully compatible with PV-S400Plus.
    Let me know if I can help.



    Great post, I conceive people should learn a lot from this site its rattling user pleasant. So much wonderful info on here :D.

  23. I have been using the Casio line for years (with over 2K entries in my PV-400 plus). Can I easily transfer my data to Outlook? Thanks Jeff

  24. Just unearth the PV-S400Plus, 4mb. Put in frest batteries and am trying to master it. No manual. I think my grandson found it at a garage sale for Mother’s Day. Any basic directions would help. Thanks.. Annmar Lang

  25. I just changed batteries again and my Pv-s400 won’t come on. I don’t know what the problem is. I use it all the time. Help all my data is on it. Is there anyway to get it off if it won’t come back on? I have the cradle and the software is on my computer. Can it operate with out the batteries causing it to come on? It wasn’t dropped or anything!

  26. Thanks for the manuals!


    still using…2300 distinct entries. Only problem…cannot sync with any new operating system. J

  28. Darrell K. Walker

    I’m in the same boat as Louella… PV-S1600 won’t turn on. Very rarely, plopping same batteries out then in will give me the alignment screen. But, then PV-S1600 finicky about staying on. USB driver(s) don’t seem compatible with Win7… sync app and PV don’t see each other.
    Data appears to be OK. Fretting disassembly to diagnose but, worried this may cause data loss.

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