New MacBooks!

At exactly 1pm EDT (10am PDT) i logged onto Engadget’s live blog of the event and patiently read The Details as it was being revealed one-by-one by Ryan Block of GDGT. My first impressions were that the black keyboard stood out, almost as if it didn’t mesh well with the design. The “made from a single block of aluminum” construction technique is impressive (although i wonder if it’s original) and i can certainly see why this unibody design would be very strong. I was not impressed by the pricing though, i was expecting an entry level system priced at around $899.

The current 13″ Macbook will now start at $999. The next-gen 13″ starts at $1299 and $1599 while the next-gen 15″ Pro starts at $1999 and $2499. There is a next-gen 17″ Pro as well that starts at $2799.

Click HERE for much more info and expert opinions


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