Using XP drivers with Windows 7

So i installed Windows 7 on my Latitude D410. The install took a short time and went ok, with the exception that it was using a generic driver due to missing the Intel 915GM video driver. The resolution seemed a bit off and wasn’t as crisp as it should have been. Anyway, after performing a Windows Update the system downloaded and installed the intel driver which caused my system to put on a performance of various colors and shades.

It turns out Dell didn’t make any Vista drivers for the D410, however i did some searching and it turns out you can use the XP 915GM Driver for your system by running it in “Compatibilty Mode”. Right click the driver’s .exe file and select “Properties” then click the “Compatibility” Tab and select “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP”.


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  1. nice thanks ^^

  2. Your welcomed. Hopefully when Windows 7 is released there will be a fix for this.

  3. I just downloaded and installed windows 7 RC on my Acer TravelMate 4152LMi and everything works nice except for the video driver. It is using a generic one that does not suppor the OpenGL standard and therefore I can’t play games on it as i used to under windows XP. I will try today the windows xp driver with windows 7. I just had a chat with a fellow from Intel and first said that they would surely make a driver once windows 7 was officially released. Late he said that to intel the GMA915 is dead and buried so there’ll be no drivers.

  4. I am using Intel Pentium D 2.80GHz with Intel Desktop Board D101GGC, but when I install Windows 7 I cannot load my Mother Board Display Driver.
    Now what can I do for it…? I want to install my Display Driver but I failed everytime.
    Please help me & tell me the procedure of “How to install Display Driver in Windows 7″…
    Please Please Please Help Me…!!

  5. Please tell me from where I can Find & Download the “Display Driver” of “Intel Pentium D 2.80GHz with Intel Desktop Board D101GGC” for “Windows 7″…
    Please help me to Find & Download this “Display Driver”…
    I am waiting for your reply…!!

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