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Motorola Motozine ZN5 Video


HTC Magic aka G2

Android Cupcake Video

I’m a PC and i’m 8.5 years old

Cute “I’m a PC Ad” …

The Zune HD


First off this is not official news, but it seems Microsoft could be gearing up to release a version of it’s Zune MP3 player called the Zune HD. The “so-called” leaked pictures can be seen here. Quite a few sites are reporting this, but none seem to have any concrete information – as expected. There is also a website: – which for now only shows a teaser image. Rumor is the Zune HD is set to go neck to neck with the iPod Touch. So Microsoft if you’re listening and indeed plan to release such a device…it has to truely stand out – i’m sure you know that! I hope the HD really means something. This device needs to have a built in camera and GPS along with the other Zune stuff.

Digicel, LIME Frequencies

Here are the Frequencies being used in Jamaica:

  • Digicel: GSM 900/1800MHz
  • Cable and Wireless – LIME: GSM 850/1900MHz
  • Claro: GSM 850/1900MHz



  • T-Mobile USA: 1900MHz
  • AT&T: 850Mhz/1900MHz (3G 850/1900Mhz)

New Vostro Laptops

The Palm Pre


Looking forward to the release of the Palm Pre? I think we all are! Especially the folks who are just sick to death of hearing about – you guessed it – the iPhone.  I don’t know anyone who could keep us more up-to-date on the latest Pre related developments other than the guys at Engadget.

Check out this link to some really good articles about the Palm Pre, webOS, SDK and everything else related to it here: