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Spider in the Park


Have you ever taken a quick spontaneous shot not knowing exactly how it’s going to turn out? That’s how this image of a spider in the park turned out. My primary reason for being there was to take a few portrait shots with my telephoto lens. While walking under a tree, I came across the spider. Without really thinking about it, I took two quick shots and moved on. Later during post, I realized this is not a bad image at all. Despite not using a macro lens I was able to isolate my subject from the background.


Samsung Admire vs Attain Display Technology

The Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G was released by Metro a few weeks ago. This post is for those curious about the Display Technology used and how it stacks up against the Samsung Admire.

Samsung Attain 4G Display: TFF QVGA (3.5″ 320×480)

  • QVGA – Quarter-size VGA

Samsung Admire Display: HVGA 262K TFT (3.5″ 320×480)

  • HVGA – Half-size VGA
  • For comparison other devices such the iPhone 2G-3GS and the Blackberry Bold 9000 use this technology

See full specs for the Attain 4G and Admire from Samsung

Photography: Building a light stick using your speedlight

I highly recommend viewing videos, such as this one from AdoramaTV



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